Saturday, January 19, 2008

Flying Red Pepper Seeds

Yesterday was what I call a 'grumpy day.' No, it was more than that... It was a down-right bad day. And it was my day-off, so that made it even worse. It was the kind of day when everything I touched either broke, knocked over, spilled, or fell on the floor. I spent two hours trying (failing) to import information into a software program without even realizing I was using the wrong version of the software. I stubbed my toe. We shopped at K-Mart and bought the wrong thing. I cried.

The turning point came when I was slicing a red pepper and flung the core across the kitchen, scattering seeds everywhere. Sticky, little read pepper seeds are now lodged in the most unlikely places, stuck on my cabinet doors and even underfoot. I had to laugh. (Well, first I swore, but then I laughed.) I mean, what else can you do but laugh, try to clean them up, eat your casserole, and go to bed? Which is what I did.

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