Friday, January 11, 2008

Firday Five ~ Birthday Edition

RevGal Mother Laura writes, "My forty-third birthday next Wednesday will inaugurate the 'Birthday Madness' season in the Grimes-Honkanen household. The next day Katie will turn five and just over two weeks later, on Feb. 3, Nicholas will be eleven. In the middle, on January 30, we celebrate the gift of Grandma Di; Nicholas and I were both due on my Mom's birthday but I was uncharacteristically early and he was little late. We will be doing a trip to Disneyland to celebrate them all in a couple weeks; in the meantime I offer this birthday-inspired Friday Five."

1. When is your birthday? Does anyone else (famous and/or in your own life) share it?

March 15, 1975. The Ides of March. I don't know if anyone famous shares it, but it was the day Julius Caesar was murdered, so that makes it a little interesting.

2. Do you prefer a big party or an intimate celebration for the chosen few?

Sometimes it is just Gary and I celebrating together ~ a meal out or something special at home, cake and ice cream and presents. If we do get together with friends or family, I prefer something small. My birthdays growing up were usually just my parents and grandparents, which was fine with me... One of my co-worker's birthday is the day after mine. Last year another co worker (and friend) brought us out to lunch which was a special treat!

3. Describe your most memorable birthday(s)--good, bad, or both.

My 30th birthday was fun. I was dreading turning 30... moaning about it for weeks ahead of time. When the day came we went out to the "Chowder Pot" with good friends. We ate lobster and came back to the house for cake and ice-cream. It was a nice way to transition into my fourth decade.

4. What is your favorite cake and ice cream? (Bonus points if you share the cake recipe). Or would you rather have a different treat altogether?

Homemade chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting! My Mom usually mails it to me now, but Gary has made it a couple of times. Last year I ended up with two birthday cakes, which was great! I especially like it with coffee ice cream, but vanilla will do.

5. Surprise parties: love 'em or hate 'em?

I've never had a surprise Birthday party. If someone could pull it off, though, I think I would enjoy it! (Hint... Hint ...)

Bonus: Describe your ideal birthday--the sky's the limit.

Breakfast in bed. An appointment with the Massage Therapist. A trip to the Theater followed by dinner. Cake and Ice Cream at home... And, of course, presents!


Jan said...

Your homemade chocolate cake with peanut butter icing sounds really good. I'm glad your husband has tried a couple times. Tell him my husband has baked mine for the past 30 years! (Or would that be too intimidating?)

Sally said...

Love the sound of your ideal birthday- massage, theatre...

Mother Laura said...

Ides of March, cool. And I like your ideal birthday too.

NE/ME said...

Gotta get the packing stuff ready for the Ides of March (or before...), so I can send you your cake. And I promise it won't taste like fish (inside joke...) Love, Mom

mid-life rookie said...

People always look at me funny when I mention the Ides of March. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks about it. Massage on birthdy - good plan. I woke up on my 30th birthday thinking, "I know my parents knew more than this by now." Blessings.

mompriest said...

Oh, fantasy birthday - massage, theater, great meal...I'd come home and fall asleep - bliss!

Katherine said...

As a former Latin Nerd, I'm a big fan of the Ides of March. (As I typed that, it dawned on me that once a Latin Nerd, always a Latin Nerd...)