Friday, January 25, 2008

Being a Reptile

This will be my last post about our recent conflict workshop....

Our Conference Consultant suggested that one way to better understand conflict is to better understand our actions and reactions. On a very simple level, we can potentially act and react out of three different mind sets. The reptilian mind set is the most basic level.... the 'fight or flight' response. The challenge for us as leaders is to not to meet a reptilian action with a reptilian response. Instead of immediately going on the defensive we might be better off responding with a request for more information. "Help me to understand...." "What are you feeling right now?" This would be responding out of the mammalian or even human mind sets.

However, our consultant did remind us that we are all going to be reptiles sometimes... and that's okay. The goal is not to be perfect, only more aware of how we deal with conflict. As for me, I reserve my right to be a reptile every now and then!

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feminist_mom said...

hey krista, i think i was an reptile yesterday as i was recovering from a sinus infection and trying to pull together a task force for an upcoming AIDS ED weekend..... i think i was just getting cold feet now that i think about it. Now i am hoping we can turn some reptiles into butterflies or at least into some growing things as we all need healing.... from body and mind, spirit i am reminding myself... and a scarey topic that should NOT be scarey at all but that requires a faith response rather than FEAR.