Sunday, December 16, 2007

What have we done?

Mid-afternoon yesterday the Senior Pastor and I consulted and agreed that we would indeed cancel today's services. This meant no Christmas Pageant, no pancake breakfast, no Christmas Candlelight concert. Certainly the weather forecast was NOT GOOD, but it still felt weird to cancel... it is the Third Sunday of Advent, the Sunday of Joy. And I was looking forward to that joy!

It was my job to call the TV stations so our cancellation notice would run at the bottom of the screen. I also sent and e-mail to all parishioners with known e-mail addresses, put a notice on the website and updated our voicemail. Hopefully everyone got word. By 9:30pm I was in bed reading a interesting novel and ready to sleep in... on a Sunday morning no less!

But my conscience had other plans. I woke up in the middle of the night in a panic. I had been dreaming that I was frantically flipping TV channels only to find that none of our cancellation notices were listed on the screen. I was able to assure myself that I had indeed taken care of it and fell back asleep, only to wake up a couple hours later with an overwhelming feeling that we had made a horrible mistake. The storm probably went out to sea. What do the weather forecasters really know, anyway? I was sure that the roads were fine, that no other churches had canceled. What have we done?! At 6:00am I could not get back to sleep. I finally turned on the TV to hear that the storm had come, the roads were bad, and almost every church in the area had canceled. At that point I heard the sleet pelting against the windows and I relaxed.....but so much for my lazy morning!

Joy did come with the morning , though. (Eventually it always does, doesn't it?) We had our own pancake breakfast, baked some bread and cookies and did some Christmas wrapping. I finished my novel and even watched some football! Not the Sunday I was expecting, but Advent teaches us that we can never know what to expect. The problems come when we think we can have everything under control ~ have it all figured out.

So I have another week to look forward to the Christmas Pageant, pancake breakfast and Christmas Candlelight Concert. I'm not sure what to expect, but I know it will be filled with joy.

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