Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Rush

The Christmas rush is almost on, and amazingly I don't feel too stressed about it this year! Gary flies out to get Ben tomorrow... making the round trip to Detroit and back in just over 12 hours. Friday will be a day to settle in and grocery shop, followed by a weekend of Christmas activities: Caroling, Pageant, Brunch, Gift Deliveries, Concert and Cookie Baking. Two services on Christmas Eve (7pm and 11pm) will give way to a quiet Christmas day at home. It is our tradition to open our stockings, have breakfast and then dive into the rest of the presents. Lasagna is on the menu for Christmas Day.

The day after Christmas we will drop Nicky off and the kennel (umm.. 'spa'...that's right) and go to Maine to visit with various grandparents, aunts, uncle and cousins. Hopefully the weather will hold out. Then it is back home for Sunday and a morning's worth of services.

This all sounds very hectic, but it will be so nice to be with each other and extended family over the next week. Two sermons to go (I've been working on them) and then I can relax and simply enjoy. The presence of family... the gift of relationships... the opportunity to give and receive... and the most amazing gift of all... Emmanuel...God with us.

Hope your Christmas is blessed! Peace to all.

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