Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In Between

In between posting videos of my cat and participating in fashion shows, I've had a pretty busy couple of weeks. Here is a quick run down:

Attended a District Clergy Retreat
Officiated at two funerals
Suffered through three migraines
Endured the dreaded 'parsonage inspection'
Interviewed three candidates for our church Office Manager position
Went to three doctors appointments
Had two rather stressful medical tests
Found out everything is normal (Thank God!)
Went out on a date with my husband
Visited the Durham Agricultural Fair
Didn't bring home a bunny, even though I wanted to!
Stopped going to the gym
Started back going to the gym
Finished two books
Attended an Ecumenical Clergy lunch
Watched two movies

In the midst of this rather busy time, one thought has stayed with me.... "The best of all, God is with us." (John Wesley's deathbed confession) No matter what life brings, that really is the best of all.

1 comment:

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

jeepers... how do you keep up with yourself? hope things slow down a bit and you can catch a breather or you know eat all that leftover halloween candy...