Thursday, September 13, 2007

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

How do I know it's fall? Yes, the trees are beginning to turn and the air is crisp, but the most telltale sign of fall is all the meetings. I've come to that time of year when a night without meetings seems weird. Trustees, SPRC, Finance, Stewardship, Nominations.... they have all reconvened and there is much work to be done. With most meetings at 7:00pm, Gary and I have just enough time to sit down for dinner before I have to rush out the door. By the time I get home I'm ready to fall into bed!

While all the evening meetings are exhausting, I do celebrate the hectic pace of the fall because it means that our church is active and busy. During most of our meetings we manage to accomplish something and send folks out to "do good things" before we meet again. It is much easier to go to a meeting where things actually get done than to go to a meeting only to rehash what was talked about for the past six months.

Tonight is one of those weird nights when I get to go home, relax, put on my sweats and enjoy some time with my wonderfully understanding husband. I plan to really enjoy it, savor it in fact, since next week I'll be mostly on the run.... Youth Group, UMW, Stewardship, Worship Team... oh yeah, and the couple that want to have their baby baptized.

In fact, I think I'll get going right now! Even blogging takes a back seat to some much needed R & R this time of year.

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Hot Cup Lutheran said...

yowzers schmowzers... hope you had a great night of relaxation... and hope you find some quiet,holy moments to fuel yourself up this week in the midst of all those meetings!