Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Change ~ No Thanks!

Okay. I admit it. I don't like change. In fact most everyone who knows me knows I'm not crazy about change. I cried on my eighth birthday because I didn't want to be eight. I liked being seven just fine, thank you very much. When my parents would get a new car I would miss the old one. Recently my father sold the old "Scamper Camper" we had enjoyed so much when I was a kid. He didn't tell me about selling it until after the fact because he knew I would protest.

As an adult I've had to get better about dealing with change. Going to school, moving and serving churches has required quite a bit of change in my life over the past few years. Marrying and becoming a step-mom has required even more change! Yet this fall I'm being pushed to my limit. New worship schedule and new Sunday School programs have prompted quite a bit of angst. (Sleepless nights. Anxiety dreams) I know the change is good for the church, but its taking it's toll on me.

Yet we are a people of change. I am a person of change. Christians are a people who don't (or shouldn't) accept the status quo. Caroline Westerhoff writes in her book Good Fences, "We Christians claim our identity as threshold people every time we make that assertion about Christ's dying and rising and coming back again." Christ didn't die and rise again just so we could keep doing things the way we always had. Standing at the threshold of these changes, I think I'm about ready to take the plunge and see what happens. Even if I'm not ready, I'm going to have to do it! Just like with turning eight there's no stopping it. Ready or not... here change comes!

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