Friday, July 20, 2007

Looking back... Looking Forward

Friday 5 Looking back, looking forward......

1. Share a moment/ time of real encouragement in your journey of faith

Hearing my Confirmation Youth preach on Confirmation Sunday and realizing that they really DID learn something and grow in their relationship with God through Christ during our time together.

2. Do you have a current vision / dream for your work/ family/ministry?

This is an interesting question at this moment. I'm currently working on a form for my District Superintendent which will guide our One-on-One Conversation in August. One of the questions is, "Do you anticipate a move in 2008 or 2009?" Several months ago I would have said that I was ready for a move. Yet something has gradually shifted within me. (Possibly the working of the Holy Spirit??) There are several things going on in my appointment that I would like to see through ~ things that will likely take more than one year to bring to resolution. I'll just mention a couple:

First, we are undertaking a major schedule change, rearranging worship and Sunday School. This could be a great opportunity for growth. Yet, knowing that changes like this take time to shape and form and mold a congregation, I would like to see this change into its second year. I think I have a lot to learn, and something to give as well, as we redefine what it means to be a people who take worship and education seriously.

Second, our Contemporary Worship is in a time of transition and change. We have lost a major leader in our praise band and some of the other members are feeling burnt out. I anticipate that the next two years will be a make-it or break-it time for this service. It could be a time of great growth and opportunity for those who have, up until this time, played more of a supportive role. Who knows who will feel the call to step up into a leadership position? Only time will tell. As for me, I feel called to journey through this time with them, wherever it may lead.

My District Superintendent likely has her own ideas about where and when I should move. Somewhere between the institutional discernment process and the tugging on my heart is the Holy Spirit ~ Thanks be to God!

3. Money is no object and so you will.....

do mission work in some exotic part of the world!

4. How do you see your way through the disappointments? What keeps you going?

The difficult times are bearable because I know that no matter what happens God is with me. I have come to truly trust that, "...neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord."

5. How important are your roots?

I celebrate that my roots have, in part, molded me into the person who God has created me to be!


Sally said...

excellent play- prayers for your meeting with the D.S that you will both sesne the Holy Spirits guidance.

Iris said...

Prayers for your discernment. And it's great when you realize that the youth actually *did* kisten, isn't it?

Elane said...

Every once in a while we see new life, or a change, or even an idea we've been working on for 4-5 years repeated back to us. That's the thing: God working. Good luck in DS stuff!

Rev Kim said...

Beautiful play! The Romans passage is my "go to" passage as well. Prayers for your discernment.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

how exciting! it's like you (& the ministry/church) are standing right on the edge of a great precipe (did I spell that right?)... Anyhoo point is it'd be easy to give up when you feel like you're going to "fall" or to turn back to what is "safe" but how much faith it takes to wait & see it through!

Diane said...

yes, I love the Romans passage too. and discernment prayers with your contemporary worship service.