Friday, May 04, 2007

Sleeping Giant

Last Monday Gary and I took a personal day so we could take off and have some fun. The way our schedule currently works, I have Fridays off and I have to work on Saturday (and obviously Sunday). Gary, though, has Saturday and Sunday off. As a result, we rarely have a whole day off together. So this was an extra special day.

We both like to hike, so Gary scouted out a place called Sleeping Giant State Park. It is a lovely place with many trails and Monday was a beautiful day ~ great weather and not too crowded. We hiked up the main trail and at the top of the 'mountain' we found this tower.

We spent some time in the tower eating granola bars and looking at the view. On our descent, we decided to take a different trail... something a little more interesting. Interesting it was! Unlike our climb up, we climbed down over rocks and roots. At some points we could barely follow the trail. We had to ford streams. It was quite an adventure. We met other people along the way who had not expected the challenging hike either. We laughed and warned each other of what they would find down the trail. However, if we had not moved off the main trail we would not have experienced the flowers and wildlife and enjoyed the rush of the river.

Life is like that too, in many ways. (There is probably a sermon in there somewhere!) While hiking along, Gary and I joked about taking the road less travelled. When you stay on the main path, it might be safer, but you don't get the same excitement and you miss some of the scenery. It may be a little more challenging, though. You may get wet feet or skin your knee, but overall it is definitely worth it. (At least it was last Monday for me!)

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