Monday, May 28, 2007

Hiking in the Woods

While on a hike in Massachusetts today, Gary and I made an interesting discovery. These twin lady slippers peeked out from the side of the trail to greet us on the way down the mountain. We didn't notice them on the way up. (I guess we were too preoccupied with the steep hike and too out of breathe to look around.) Yet on the way back these beauties caught my eye.

Lady slippers remind me of home. Back at "The Grove" there were usually quite a few lady slippers to be found this time of year.... some alone, peeking through the pine needles where you wouldn't expect them.... others in little communities of slippers.... some white and others pink. My Gram loved to discover them. Of course, there is a law against picking them, so all one can do is enjoy them in their natural habitat, which is just as it should be!

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