Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Friday.... errr.... Tuesday Five

Okay. So I am really late to the Friday Five this week. I didn't quite get around to it on Friday, what with getting my hair cut and going shopping! But it was such a good one that I wanted to play anyway. Here goes:

1. Have you ever successfully quit a bad habit, or gotten a good habit established? Tell us about how you did it.

I am quite pleased with myself lately for both my exercising and devotion habits! For a long time I struggled with the "perfect" time to both exercise and do my devotions, only to avoid, procrastinate ~ basically come up with any excuse not to do it. About a year ago I started both exercising and doing my devotions first thing in the morning. I've found that it feels great to start the day knowing that I've spent time nurturing both my body and my soul.

2. "If only there were a 12-step program for _________________!"

Obsessive coaster arranging. I am constantly repositioning the coasters on the coffee table after Gary messes them up. There is a way they are supposed to be. Why don't people understand that?? I know... I have a problem.

3. Share one of your healthy "obsessions" with us.

I am obsessed with getting at least eight hours of sleep every night. After figuring out what time I have to get up, I count backward to make sure I get to bed on time!

4. Share the habit of a spouse, friend or loved one that drives you C-R-A-Z-Y.

Didn't I already mention the coaster issue above!

5. "I'd love to get into the habit of ___________________."

I guess I will answer this a little differently. I think I would like to get out of the habit of making To-Do lists. Now, don't get me wrong. I could never give up To-Do lists completely. I keep my sanity by writing things down. But still, it would be nice to not be tied down to a To-Do list at least one day a week. Sounds kind of like a Sabbath!

Bonus: What is one small action you might take immediately to make #5 a reality?

I'm not sure. I guess I'll have to start a list of things To-Do to give up my To-Do list.

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