Monday, April 30, 2007

Mini Me

Lately my mom has been spending a lot of time scanning my baby pictures to preserve them. The 1970's was not a great time in photo technology, so many of the pictures have already started to yellow and discolor. After scanning them, my mom has been sending them to me in e-mail, which has been great fun. I knew I was a cute kid, but isn't this photo just adorable!!

Who knew this sweet little girl would grow up to be a United Methodist pastor? It is hard to believe that at the time this picture was taken my parents were 26 and 27.... Six years younger than I am now.

I'm blessed with great memories of my childhood. Playing with my stuffed animals, going camping with my parents, tea parties with my friends. Many of those memories are captured in photos. My prayer would be that all children would have such positive experiences to look back on ... and my reminder to you is to preserve those 'old' photos before its too late!


scituatedrev said...

Okay, little kid pictures are no doubt the greatest. But do you dare post those notorious junior high moments!

KristaBeth said...

Are you kidding me?? Those are locked away... never to be seen again!