Friday, April 27, 2007

Late to the Playground

I'm late getting to the Friday Five. I'm sure most everyone has already left the playground, but oh well! Here goes anyway:

Friday Five: What are you........

1. Wearing

At the moment I'm wearing a Nike hoodie and blue sweatpants. Today is my day off, so I'm pretty casual. No make-up!

2. Pondering

The meaning of authority. Specifically, what it means to 'take authority' at my ordination.

3. Reading

I'm into a novel at the moment ~ Alexander McCall Smith's 44 Scotland St. To see what else I've been reading, see my link to the left.

4. Dreaming

Ordination, Vacation, Confirmation (lots of things that end in 'ation')

5. Eating

Gary and I just got back from Dairy Queen. Mint Oreo blizzard. Yum!


Sally said...

interesting ponder- to take authority sounds like power grabbing- and yet it is a servant call- hmm we live with the tensions I guess...
Great play

Songbird said...

I remember trying to explain how I felt about the same "ponder" when I wrote my ordination paper. I still grapple with it, and I suspect it's fitting that we do. Blessings on all your "ations."