Thursday, March 29, 2007

Yes, I am crazy

In the Saturday edition of our local paper the 'Life' section is dedicated to the crazy stories, questions and ideas of the segment of the population known as "pet people." These people send in pictures of their beloved pets with cute little stories about their cute little antics. My name is KristaBeth and I am one of those crazy pet people.

I have not yet gone so far as to send in any pictures of the boys, but I admit that I think about it every Saturday morning as I read the paper. Like any true pet lover, I find myself thinking, "Nicky is so much cuter than that dog." And this month I did enter Nicky's picture into a photo contest of the local Curves where I belong. (The results will be announced on Monday, so wish us luck!)

This week is the annual 'bring the boys to the vet' week. Nicky had his check up on Tuesday and Zeke goes this afternoon. This time of year always makes me a little nervous. Both the boys are healthy, but they are getting older. And I hate to see either of them getting stabbed with needles or poked and prodded (with that scared look in their eyes) so I usually end up sitting in the corner of the examination office with my eyes averted and / or my head between my legs.

Our 'boys' take up much of my time and energy and I don't mind a bit. They have their own little lives with their own favorite things and their own personalities. The fact that Gary and I make up voices for them so they can 'talk' to us might be a little over the top, but who cares? The recent pet food scare has pointed out how much Americans love their pets. Thank God Nicky and Zeke were not eating any of that food... my hear goes out to those whose pets are ill and recovering.

I'm willing to take the risk of being a little crazy. Nicky and Zeke are part of God's beautiful creation that God called 'good.' Just so long as I don't go too crazy..... one of the topics on the 'Pet Page' a couple weeks ago was whether, in polite conversation, you could compare house training your puppy to potty training a child. Now that is a little messed up.... But I will take Nicky for a walk this afternoon and watch him as he enjoys sniffing all his favorite spots. I will take Zeke to the vet and try not to faint. And I will celebrate the joy they each bring into my life.

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