Monday, March 19, 2007

Is This Work?

I learned from a fellow blogger that Pulpit & Pew just released a research article called, "What do clergy do all week?" Good question, huh? I think most clergy would have difficulty answering that question! What do we do? Well, visit people in the hospital, go to meetings, plan worship services, teach classes, write sermons..... The list goes on. Yet, I still wonder where all my time goes. Some days I lay exhausted in bed and wonder, "What did I do all day?"

One of the interesting findings was that full time Protestant pastors work, on average, 50 hours a week. The expectation in my Conference is that full time pastors work 60 hours a week (at least according to my first District Superintendent). Some weeks I'm sure I work more and some weeks less. It partly depends, though, on how you define 'work.' Much of my recreational reading revolves around issues related to my vocation. Visiting the neighbors and reading the newspaper can be considered ministry to some extent. Even my blogging stems from my vocation!! How do you separate out what is work and what is not when you are called to a way of life?

But still, this does not mean that the demands of ministry are not at times overwhelming. There are days that I long for more 'me' time. Time to veg-out while watching Desperate Housewives. Time to read People Magazine. Time to work on my scrapbooks. Time to figure out who KristaBeth is apart from Pastor Krista.

Yet I would not trade my life calling for the world. I truly believe that I am part of the most important work in God's creation... and that can't be turned on or off when you reach 60 hours.... But I'm still going to watch Desperate Housewives when I get the chance!


scituatedrev said...

Great insights KristaBeth! I'm glad you posted on my blog so I could dicover yours. There are more and more of us out there!

As for the Confirmation Retreat, I should be around next time - we'll have a larger group ready for confirmation by then.

I look forward to reading more of your insights!

Songbird said...

Kristabeth, welcome to RevGalBlogPals!
I figure when I'm watching American Idol with my 11-year-old, I'm off the "clock." :-)