Monday, February 05, 2007

Home Sick

The cold I've been struggling with for the past week has really gotten me down. While the sore throat is pretty much gone, this nasty cough persists. As long as I don't talk or exert myself by walking from one room to another, I'm okay. Once I start talking or moving around at all I start coughing and my voice goes all croaky. It is not a pretty sight. Even Nicky is giving me my space.

Yesterday at church was fun! At the first service I had to run out of the sanctuary right before communion due to a coughing fit. The second service wasn't much better. I made it through communion, but dashed out of the back of the sanctuary just after. I ran into the bathroom where I practically coughed up a lung. When I emerged from the bathroom ~ tears streaming down my face, robe still on ~ church was just letting out. I think I scared a few people.

Gary went out in the afternoon to get me some heavy duty drugs to break up the congestion, suppress the cough and help me sleep. I'm doing a little better today, but have decided to stay in, for the most part. Hopefully some rest will get me back on my feet.

Days like this (did I mention it is bitterly cold outside as well?) it helps to remember our vacation. Here is a picture from our stop in Jamaica. In Jamaica we hit the shops, ate authentic jerk chicken and visited a statue of Bob Marley. Look at the sun, purple flowers and beautiful palm trees.

Oh well... for now I will work on my sermon on the couch with my box of tissues while I drink tea and eat cough drops. Ach-ooooo!

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