Sunday, February 04, 2007

Good Bye Piano

About five and a half years ago I finally realized my dream of owning a piano. Like lots of people, I took piano lessons as a child. As an adult I regret not keeping up with my lessons and practicing. My solution was to get a piano, which of course I would practice! Maybe I'd even become good enough to play in church.

Ha! Five years, one move, and lots of dusty keys later, I've decided to give up the dream. Piano movers arrived at the house this afternoon to bring my old piano to live with a young family from our church. Hannah, the ten year old daughter, is going to take lessons. My prayer is that they enjoy the piano. I'm glad that it is going to a family that will appreciate and use it!

I do admit that I felt a little sad watching it being wheeled through the door. It is a beautiful piano and I have wonderful memories of the elderly couple that gave it to me. They were good friends from my first church and were so pleased to be able to give the piano to me. God Bless Herb and Esther, who shared their love for me through this piano. May the blessings be passed on to Hannah and any other young piano players who may bang on its keys in the years to come.

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