Saturday, February 17, 2007

The fullness of my hands....

I've been away from blogging while recuperating from Bronchitis. What started out as a simple cold got much worse. I have been on the mend for over a week, but recovery was followed by the need to catch up on all the stuff I missed while I was sick! Meetings, sermons, visits! I think I have finally returned to normal ~ or as normal as 'normal' can be. I took Nicky for a walk today and will even get back to the gym next week ~ or so I say.

A couple of posts ago I mentioned a book I read called, The emptiness of our hands: a lent lived on the street. While I was sick I began to reflect more on this book. While Gary and I certainly don't live extravagantly, we do take advantage of certain middle-class privileges. Doctors visits, prescription medications, being able to take time off from work. The Bronchitis that was a minor annoyance to me might have turned into a life threatening condition for someone who could not take time off from work to go to the doctor or didn't have insurance to purchase expensive prescription medication.

In the summer I complain that the Jeep I drive does not have air conditioning. In the winter I complain that it rattles when it gets too cold. I would like to be able to afford a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes or another trip to the Caribbean. But what does any of that really matter when there are people in our world dying because they don't have enough food to eat, when lives are destroyed due to simple infections? I don't know. I guess I am realizing more and more the fullness of my hands.

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