Tuesday, January 02, 2007


In three days we are setting sail for what we consider our belated 'Honeymoon.' Since we will be celebrating our 5th anniversary this year, I think we deserve a little vacation time, just the two of us! And yes, that means no pets will be joining us! This was Nicky's response when he heard the news. "Muma, noooooooo!"

Seven nights in the Caribbean for us means seven-plus nights for him at the kennel. Zeke gets to stay home, with our fearless friend Stephanie stopping by to feed and check on him. I assured both Nicky and Zeke that we will think of them often while we are gone! And if they believe that............

This will probably be my last post before our trip. When we get back I will have lots to share and hopefully some beautiful pictures of Caribbean sunsets to post. Hopefully I will also be de-stressed and a little bit sun-tanned. Be blessed!

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