Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Home again, home again!

We are home safe and sound from our vacation. It is hard to believe it is over. Everything was wonderful... the ship, the ports, the food, the entertainment ~ and most of all, the time Gary and I got to spend together. It is all a memory now, but a very good memory that we will treasure for a long time.

Things are a bit hectic as we settle back into home, work and church. Catching up on e-mail was a formidable task all by itself! And the mountain of laundry we had was unbelievable! It was good to see the 'boys' and their furry faces. They couldn't decide if they were glad to see us or still mad that we left.

As things settle down over the next few days I will bore you with all the details and a few of the pictures from our trip. Meanwhile, I will try to stay warm as we have reentered the 'deep freeze.'

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