Sunday, December 03, 2006

Tree Trimming

Advent has officially begun, so I share with you our adventures in decorating for Christmas! I do admit, though, that we decorated slightly before Advent ~ just a week early! But Advent began later than usual this year.... that's my excuse.

First, I had to do the yearly 'wrestle-with-the-lights.' Why does it seem that the lights get extra tangled every year. They were just placed in a box! They weren't stirred, or tossed, or shaken. What could have happened in there since last year?!?

While I would prefer to have a 'real' tree, Gary and I have settled upon a nice looking faux tree. We decided that it is better than the dog-drinking-out-of-the-tree-water, worrying-about-it-burning-down, needles-shedding-all-over-the-place hassles. Here is the finished product, as Gary places the tree-topper as the final touch. I think it looks pretty darn good!

Along with the tree we have a creche given to us by Gary's mom, Nadine. We also have a few lighted churches and a glass lighted Christmas tree that sits on top of the piano. Stockings are hung by the chimney with care, waiting for Ben's visit from Santa Claus. We also have outdoor decorations up, but I will save those for another post.

Our holiday decorating would not be complete, though, without supivisor 'Nicky' making sure everything is in place. He oversaw the whole process from his comfy chair. He did let us put his "Ho Ho Ho" bandana on for the picture, but not the reindeer ears. (But really, can you blame him?)

As I mentioned before, today is the first Sunday of Advent.... the season in the Christian year when we prepare for Christ's coming. This preparation is not just for the coming of the baby Jesus in the manger on Christmas Day, but also preparation for Jesus' future coming into the world. The theme for the day was "Hope." I gave out stickers to the congregation that had the letters PBPGIFWMY printed on them. Each letter is the first letter of a word that spells out a sentence that expresses our Advent hope. Any guesses?

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