Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Outdoor Lights

As promised, here is my post about our outdoor Christmas lights. This was a big year for us, adding both a lighted deer and spiral Christmas tree to our outdoor light display. We had a chance to do things a little differently since the church removed the over-grown bushes from the front of the house and re-landscaped. I think the white lights look particularly good on our new little bushes. What do you think? Some of our neighbors have much more elaborate displays, including Santa and the Grinch hanging-out with the Holy Family. I don't know about you, but I prefer our understated look.

We tried several different settings on our digital camera, but I think this was the best picture. Can you find Nicky, Gary and I in the photo? We are the three shadows on the front step!

Apparently Nicky has decided that he enjoys unwrapping presents. While we were out yesterday he snuck into the "wrapping-room" (an unfinished room in our basement) and tore some more presents to bits. He didn't do any actual damage to the gifts, but the paper was strewn all about. What message do you think he is trying to get across? Anyway, he got a stern talking to ~ and the "wrapping-room" and Christmas tree are off limits for him for the foreseeable future!

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