Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Neighborhood News

Our normally quiet neighborhood has been a buzz with activity over the past few days, and not in a good way. Last Friday Gary, Nicky and I bundled up (coldest day yet) and headed out the door for a walk. Much to our surprise, we found two fire trucks right in front of our house The firefighters were at our neighbor Virginia's house doing something that involved a long extension cord and a fan. We stood gawking for a few minutes until I suggested, "Let's go for our walk and then, if the fire truck is still here, we'll see what's going on."

Yes! I know. That was not my most sensitive remark ever. Gary was much more in tune with being the helpful neighbor and went over to the firefighters to see what we might do. Apparently Virginia's furnace malfunctioned and the house filled with smoke. Luckily she had just changed the batteries in her smoke detectors. The fire deputy asked if we could take her over to our house until the smoke cleared and the furnace repair tech came. No walk for Nicky, but we did our good deed for the day! And Nicky did too~ sitting next to Virginia and comforting her while she patted his head. There was no damage at Virginia's house and she was able to return home after joining us for a cup of tea.

Then, on Saturday night as Gary and I were returning from our Dining Out Club, we saw two police cruisers parked in front of another neighbor's house. Again we gawked until a police officer came over to ask us some questions. Our neighbor's house had been broken into and the officer wanted to know if we had seen anything. Of course, we hadn't ~ apparently no one had. The thieves got into the house through a window that was unlocked and stole money, among other things. This is rather disconcerting on our nice, quiet, and supposedly safe street. Thank God no one was hurt. The officer told us not to be unduly alarmed, but to keep our windows and doors locked ~ No problem!

Since this incident we heard of another house nearby being burglarized. Kind of makes you wonder about this "peace on earth, goodwill to all" thing. Then again, circumstances such as these point to the very reason we need Advent and the hope that springs from the 'root of Jesse.' Peace on earth! Goodwill to all! (And just for good measure, pray for our neighborhood.)

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