Monday, December 11, 2006

Cat in a Basket

A certain camera-shy member of the family has been feeling somewhat neglected blog-wise. While his photogenic brother has been featured in any number of different poses, he has not made an appearance since the earlier "Meet the Gang" post. His only consolation is that he appears in my member profile photo, so at least he is seen regularly.

So here is Zeke's latest photo. Surprisingly he didn't run when I pulled out the camera. I suspect he may have been stuck in the basket, as it did take a while for him to extricate himself from it!

I may have mentioned before that Zeke does not have the best reputation among our friends and family members. Overnight guests insist on locking the guest room door for fear he will sneak in and perform some sinister act while they sleep. He has developed a particular aversion to my friend Stephanie, hissing and growling whenever he catches sight of her... and she's the one that feeds him while we are away!

In other family pet news, I was glad to hear today that my Aunt Diana's little girl-dog Bissy has not had anymore kidney stones. Yeah! Thanks for the e-mail, Aunt Diana... and thanks to everyone who reads my blog!

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