Friday, November 24, 2006

Rainy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving day here in southern New England was pretty much a wash out. This made for a quite uncomfortable beginning to the holiday! The town where we live hosts a 5 mile race every year which attracts over 12,000 runners, not counting spectators. Since the race route goes right by the church, we take advantage of the opportunity to make some money to support Youth Missions and our after school program. We were standing out in the rain at 7:00am to rent out the spaces in our church parking lot. At $5 a space, we raised over $2,000, which is great for our Youth Mission Fund. It made for some pretty soaked volunteers, though! I have to admit that I wimped out. At 8:15am I decided I needed to go in and 'prepare' for our 9:00am Prayer Service. (Sorry Stephanie) By the time I went back out to the parking lot, I was dry and warm and everyone else was miserable.

The rain ruined any hopes that Gary and I had of walking the race route ourselves. Gary did make an attempt, but decided against it after standing in the soaking rain for 15 minutes just waiting for the race to step off. My most heartfelt admiration for our friends that did participate in the race - Stephanie, Jake, Norman, Loren, Marnie, Shelia.... Way to Go!

Nicky was bummed out by the rain as well. It meant no Thanksgiving Day walk for him. Here is a cute picture of him getting dried off after coming in from the back yard. It was a good thing for all of us that Thanksgiving improved markedly after the soggy beginning.... I'll write more about that later today!

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