Saturday, November 25, 2006

Nicky's Story

Just to be clear, this is Nicky writing. Mum and Dad are out Christmas shopping, so I thought I would take the opportunity to blog for the first time. Mum did mention to you at one point that I might make an appearance here. As you can tell from all the pictures, I've made more than an appearance. I may as well be the star!

As Mum mentioned in an earlier post, I adopted her when I was a mature pup. I decided to adopt Mum because I needed a family, after so many years on the road, and she seemed pretty nice. It's turned out quite well. A warm bed, a comfy chair, a walk almost every day, and the occasional scrambled egg. I've adapted quite well to domestication.

If you want to read about all my adventures, you can buy my new book Sheep. It's actually written by Valerie Hobbs, but Ms. Hobbs captured the essence of all the misadventures of my young life. (She's a very talented writer!) Just click here to have a look! The ending is fictionalized, but I'm sure you can understand my desire not to risk losing my anonymity. The paparazzi and all! Anyway, living with a pastor is almost like living with a shepherd ... and herding a congregation is kind of like herding sheep... except I get in trouble when I nip at their heels!

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min's mom said...

Hey Nicky, Enjoyed your posting and looking forward to reading your book - It sounds great. You have had an interesing life and you worked hard to pick out your Mum - I was there that day.

Tell Mum I enjoyed reading her latest posting. But, where does the name El Guapo (sp?) come from - Spanish I am thinking. T-Day looked nice and glad Mum and Dad had fun. Love, Gram