Saturday, September 30, 2006


I am blogging in a state of sleep deprivation this evening after spending the night at a Lock In at the church with the Youth Group kids. It was a fun night, with bowling, snacks, big booty and sardines, but way too little sleep. Actually, I opted out of the sardines (a hide and seek game - I'll tell you about big booty later!) to stretch out on the youth lounge couch and read Chicken Soup for the Soul. It was 12:30am! Stephanie and I were the only adults, and Stephanie is great with the kids. She played sardines and was the un-defeated champion with her partner... I guess that makes me the party pooper!

I slept pretty well from 1:30 until 7:30. When we got up we ate donuts and waited for the parents, most of whom were on time! I arrived home at 9:30 to find Gary still asleep in bed! Nicky and Zeke were fast asleep too. After Gary got up (finally) Zeke joined me for a nap from 10:00 -12:30. I thought I would try to make it back to church this afternoon to catch up on some miscellaneous things in the office. Around 3:00 this afternoon, though, I thought better of it. I think the Lock In counts for overtime!

Gary and I are grieving over the end of our favorite show. Saturday evenings at 8:00 were reserved exclusively for Monarch of the Glenn. The last episode aired a few weeks ago and now we don't know what to do with our Saturday nights. (I'm not sure what that says about us... or our social life!) One pleasant surprise, though, was the replacement of Monarch with All Creatures Great and Small. While I don't remember much about the story-lines, I remember watching All Creatures with my Mom when I was young. Watching the episodes now has a comforting, familiar feel. I think I'll go now. I'm off to spend my Saturday night with some old friends.


Min's Mom said...

Hi, Glad you got a little sleep and then to come home to a sleepy sleeping crew! What is Big Booty? I want to know.

Sorry to hear that Monarch came to an end, but I love All Creatures (as you know). I wonder if they show that here on our NET. Gram loved Monarch too and All Creatures.

"Lib" said...

In my own defense, I'd just like to mention that I had not slept well during the previous week. I don't usually sleep in that late - even on Saturday's!